In the modern business environment, a website is the face of any business. One that does not guarantee a user-friendly experience and one that is not highly visible over the Internet represents lost business opportunities. This is why when we at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions develop websites we ensure only the best for a clients.

A website can run into many pages or a single page on the Internet. As distinct from web design, web development is primarily about coding and writing markup. We have also incorporated CMS (Content Management System) into web development. The benefit of this is that even our non-technical people can work with our trained professionals to update and make modifications to a website.

We develop customised websites for our clients, suited to meet specific company and industry needs. Our team of highly trained and qualified developers have the experience to develop a website from scratch. Web developers, graphic designers and information systems technicians work together to build websites that guarantee high volumes of dedicated traffic resulting in greater conversions and sales.

Our web development process and services consists of –

Preliminary groundwork

Before starting on the creation of a website, there are certain fixed processes that we follow. It all begins with brainstorming sessions to evaluate and understand client needs and the purpose of a site. What will be relevant for a normal business website with all its variables will not be the same as say an e-commerce website. The focus of each will be different and hence we offer customised solutions to our clients.

Market Research

This is vital if we have to structure a highly optimised site that will meet client objectives. We carry out an in-depth research of the products and services in relation to the industry as a whole and make competitors’ analysis to evaluate the reasons behind their success (or failure). This also facilitates brand development and brand positioning for higher conversions and sales. All these inputs are vital components in optimised web development.

Content-based Approach

Modern CMS strategy is very important in website development. Informative content with embedded relevant keywords helps websites achieve high rankings on results pages of major search engines. This enhanced online presence and visibility draws in greater volumes of traffic and increases the possibility of a sale or query. Hence, such a website developed by us is also ready for online digital marketing campaigns.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 is basically a markup language intensively used by us for web development. Through HTML5 we enrich user experience especially in the areas of media contents. This language is best suited for gaming sites, websites with substantial animation and development of mobile apps. We mix and match HTML5 along with CSS3 for a dynamic visual experience.

Responsive websites

In today’s modern business scenario where more transactions are made while on the go from handheld Internet-enabled sites such as smartphones, responsive website development is very important. Our developers have the required professional expertise to develop websites that are as clear and lucid on the traditional desktops as well as the latest ultra small smartphones. We use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure a great user-friendly visual experience, regardless of the device.

When One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions develop websites, it is definitely a great experience for visitors.