PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used basically for web development but is also designed for general purpose programming language. PHP code may be rooted in HTML or HTML5 as well as in combination with CMS, web template systems and web frameworks. Its versatility is brought out by its compatible properties with any type of data such as images, generating web pages and implementation of standalone graphical applications.

One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions has a team of professionals with a high degree of expertise in PHP web development and PHP application development. We are also experienced in PHP application development frameworks and PHP services. Apart from these, we offer top of the line results in PHP custom application development and PHP porting and migration services.

We provide a whole range of PHP services that includes –

  • Custom PHP development – Websites are tailor made to match your specific needs and will be totally in tune with your business requirements and goals
  • Corporate Website Development – This is more intricate and complex than structuring the usual business sites. All your corporate goals and objectives will be embedded on the site.
  • PHP CMS development – Expect the very best from us when we develop PHP based Content Management Systems for your business.
  • PHP/MYSQL development – Increase the scope and reach of your business many times over through increased database website performance
  • E-commerce development – Be ahead of your competitors with our optimised PHP based e-commerce Get high-performance quality design with secured payment gateways
  • Social media network solutions – We proffer comprehensive social networking solutions on various platforms to enhance interaction with existing and potential customers.

At One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions, we offer the latest and advanced software, tools and frameworks for website development on PHP platforms.

Some of them are –

Codeigniter – It is an open source PHP application framework used by us for rapid development without having to build reusable components always. It has a very small reach and a simple toolkit and is utilised when we have to develop full-featured web applications.

CakePHP – This is also a free rapid development open-source framework for PHP and is the very foundation for programmers to build web applications. Through Cake PHP you can work in a structured and rapid manner without any loss of flexibility. Other features are a friendly active community, compatible with the latest versions 4 and 5 of PHP, Integrated CRUD for database interaction and MVC architecture.

Laravel – it is a free open-source PHP web application framework intended primarily for the development of web applications based on the Model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

What are the benefits that you stand to gain when we create websites on PHP?

First and most importantly, our prices are very competitive and affordable considering that we deliver guaranteed and assured results. We also offer comprehensive PHP packages so that you get all the benefits associated with PHP. Finally, our developers ensure fast data processing and compatibility with a range of operating systems.

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