Creating websites is complicated business. There are dozens of options to create a website, right from the use of CMS, coding language, scripts, and plugins. But all of this ultimately does not matter, what matters is the end result. The front end of the website. That is where the users will be engaging with the site and no matter what means one uses, it’s the job of a good front-end developer to make sure that the front-end UI of the website is as beautiful and engaging as it is functional.

We at Kushub have a team full of web designers who understand the practical side of things and specialize in creating websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive & practical at the same time. But that is not enough, we understand that it is the age of the mobile, so every website we ever make, is compatible with every major device and browser, making sure you never miss out on business due to outdated web practices.

We only use the most sophisticated and modern client-side languages while creating website. These include:

JavaScript – It continues to be a developer’s favourite due to its practicality and functionality despite being one of the oldest languages.

HTML5 – HTML 5 is used to set the overall vibe of the website by customizing its headers, footers, and other audio/video components of the website.

AJAX:JavaScrpt+XML: AJAX is a terrifc language that allows us a lot of control by giving us the ability to make small changes without having to disrupt the whole database.

CSS3 – CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is the state of the art tool for developers. It has many modules and allows us to control the final look of the website.

These are some of the services we offer in the package when working on the frontend of your site:

Backend Design and API management

Personalized UI/UX

Bug Fixing and simultaneous testing at no extra cost

Bringing your vision to life with thw use of HTML%, CSS, and JavaScript

State of the art responsive design compatible with all major devices

Using Google approved SEO best practices for optimum search engine performance

AT Kushub, we use every front-end tool available to us in singularity or in tandem with others to make sure the product we deliver is the best possible one for the client’s purpose. And to top it off, we do it all using time-saving predefined strategies that value or clients’ time.


Angular JS

Angular JS is one of our favourites due to its practicality. Its Google-made so its obviously a high quality product and we can rely on it. Its adaptibility is a real asset as we can use it on any HTML page. Its intense structure is almost unbreakable and offers tability. It is also a very useful tool for testing purposes.

We also use many other frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery and Semantic UI, each of them serving a specific purpose and having their own advantages. Bootstrap, for instance is useful in adapting for all major browsers.

Our constant craving for improvement fuels our success and allows our frontend developers to stay on the forefront of innovation.