Facebook or LinkedIn? What should be your choice for Business Marketing

There was a time in the not too distant past when social media was a tool to stay connected with friends and family and share personal information. However with the exponential growth of social media usage, new avenues are opening up and businesses have jumped into the fray to optimise their market strategies and create brand awareness. The presence of customers on social media networks is today being optimally used by online digital marketers to push information through to them on products and services of business enterprises.

Why is participation on social media platforms so important

Studies have shown that more than 90% of Internet users are on one social media or another and almost regularly check on updates. Hence by simply having a presence on various social networks, this vast resource can be tapped into almost for free. Business strategies have to be formulated that targets specific demographics according to requirements.

However, with the wide range of social media at your disposal you have to decide which will be ideal for your business. Personal preferences do not count here. You might have a personal liking for Facebook but you have to evaluate which platform will serve your business interests. This means analysing where the bulk of your customers are active on. It is definitely not an easy process and professionals should be hired to know the specifics. Based on this information, you can devise optimised online social media marketing (SMM) campaigns.

Here an analysis will be made between two networks – Facebook and LinkedIn – and which one best optimises business needs.

An Insight into Facebook and LinkedIn

If you analyse Facebook and LinkedIn you will find that the latter is purely used as a business tool while Facebook is more open-ended with people from all walks of life having their profiles on it. Sharing and communicating both personal and business information is the primary USP of this network. More people are on Facebook than on LinkedIn and therefore if you want to create brand awareness or have more customers from a social media platform on your database, Facebook is the channel to opt for.

LinkedIn on the other hand is a tool that connects professionals. It is primarily used by corporate recruiters to get the best available talent that the industry has to offer. Executives and specialised and qualified personnel have their profiles on LinkedIn so that they can be aware of better job opportunities. Recruiters scan profiles here to fill vacancies in companies with the best in the required field.

Hence if it is a business networking platform that you are looking for it has to be LinkedIn while for marketing of products and services, the vote should go to Facebook.

Facebook or LinkedIn for business marketing

To decide the platform you should opt for business marketing, it is first necessary to know where the bulk of your existing or potential customers have their profiles. There are various tools and technologies that can help you arrive at a fair conclusion. If you are not fully conversant with them, you can hire the services of professional agencies to devise specific marketing strategies for you. It is possible to carry out a campaign on social media and get information such as email addresses, personal preferences and shopping habits.

Once this is known to you, plans may be initiated to approach them directly with product information, new product launches, discounts and rebates and updated newsletters. However, all this is possible on Facebook only which goes to show that for business marketing, this media has an edge over LinkedIn. Facebook is like a never-ending ripple. When one of your customers “like” your profile your business information becomes visible to his/her friends who can then access all what you want to convey about your products. LinkedIn on the other hand connects professionals whose main focus is furthering career prospects.

Businesses build their brands on Facebook while LinkedIn is for posting job openings and forming discussion groups for job related information sharing. Hence if it is business marketing that you are looking for, take a call on Facebook.

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