App Store Optimization (ASO) Checklist That Will Optimize Your App Launch

The exponential growth in usage of smart phones and other Internet enabled devices has led to apps becoming the face of any modern business. Apps have also become the key to gaming, news reading and a host of other activities not to forget exclusive dating and marriage portals. Given their importance it is not only important to create and launch apps but to ensure also that they have a strong online presence and visibility in App Stores. Hence, digital marketing agencies are today offering professional App Store Optimization Services that ensures that your app gets the coverage it deserves after being painstakingly developed over time.


What is ASO (App Store Optimization)

Before going to the checklist, it is necessary to know what ASO really is and why it is so crucial in the modern digital environment.

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process that maximizes the visibility of an app in app store searches. This leads to an app ranking high in store searches thereby getting increased traffic and potential customers. The goal of ASO is to increase online presence and drive searchers to the ultimate objective – download the app from the app store. ASO also enables you understand your target audience and the keywords being used to find apps similar to yours. By knowing the precise keywords, you can prepare a master marketing plan for your app.

The purpose of ASO is somewhat similar to SEO which is relevant to optimise websites and increase their online presence.


Here is an ASO checklist which if followed by you will ensure a successful app launch.

• App Name

– This is very important and should clearly reflect the purpose for which it is designed and the name of the organization if relevant. The name will have a large influence on the conversion rates, viral potential and overall performance of searches. The name should be catchy, easy to spell and be briefly descriptive of content.


• Impressive & Unique Icon

– The first thing that strikes visitors to the app store, even before the name is the app icon. This should be simple and instantly recognisable at a glance. It should stand out clearly amongst all other apps downloaded on a device. The design of the icon should also reflect what the app has to offer. Hence, the perfect icon is one that has bold and contrasting colours without attention to small details and text.

• Target Audience and Competitors

– The success of an ASO strategy rests largely on estimating the target audience and the users who are likely to use the app the most. The app will be structured around this factor so it is vital that you get this right. Further, you should also carry out a study of the competitors and other players in the market. This will help you come out with a value proposition that will make your app unique and give you an edge over apps in a similar field.

• Using Optimized Keywords

– Only when you use right and relevant keywords you will get meaningful search traffic as per your desired target audience. Hence it is crucial to get this aspect right. Avoid repetitive words and spaces with special focus on the title. For this you can use what App store has to offer such as related searches, type head search suggestions, Search Ads suggestions and so on.

• Screenshots

– App screenshots are the most prominent element of both your app page and search result listings leading to a positive impact on the conversion rates. You have an option of using up to 5 screenshots of your app, but remember that if your first screenshot is portrait, the second one should also be in the same orientation. You also need to highlight features and benefits your app offers and captions describing and selling your app. Remember that you need to impress the users so show your strongest messages in first two screenshots.

• Description

– When it comes to description of your app in Google Play Store, you have two options, one is the short description and the other is long description. The short description allows you to briefly summarise what your app does using only 80 characters. Include your best and most relevant keywords in short description. The long description is the bread and butter for Google Play Store. Here you are allowed 4000 characters to include relevant keywords and describe your app and its benefits to potential users. Describe your app briefly in this space and how it is different and unique when compared to others. Try to avoid interrupted sentences, use bullets to highlight the main benefits and don’t forget to add call to action.

• Video Preview

– A lot of the success of an app launch depends on the video preview as a video clip will quickly catch the attention of a visitor. Hence, it is imperative that the video is thoroughly tested before it is finalized and uploaded. Keep the video precise and short and focus on designing a suitable and attractive poster frame.

• Specialization for Local Area

– Your app should be optimized for the local area that you operate in. If necessary, changes in content have to be incorporated in the app taking into account localized conditions such as audience language, business timings, and specific brand communication – all customized for local audience and conditions.

• Reviews and Rankings Received

– The ranking of your app on the App Store will depend greatly on the reviews and ratings it receives. The more the positive reviews and ratings that it receives the more will be its success and visibility on the App store and higher will be the conversions.

While you can follow the above ASO checklist, it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional App Store Service provider to launch your app and be sure of its success.

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