7 Digital Marketing Mistakes that should be Avoided in 2018

There is a major change in the way that trade and commerce is conducted around the world today as compare from the past. Traditional methodologies are old-fashioned and the modern business environment is driven by the Internet fuelled technologies that have shrunk the size of the world to that of a global village. A customer can be approached more effortlessly and his/her behavioural patterns can be studied, analysed and all requirements incorporated into customized product lines. Thus the success of a product launch is no more a matter of chance, a well structured and effective digital marketing campaign ensures that what is offered to customers is exactly what is needed by them.

Given the importance of a digital marketing plan it is necessary that you get it right so that your returns on marketing spends are optimized. There are also some common mistakes that you might make in creating a digital marketing plan which can adversely affect your business. Here are some of them that you will do well to avoid in 2018.

1 . Not having a mobile optimized website

– With the exponential boom in smart phone usage, the mobile has become an important part of any marketing strategy. Almost 65% of all mobile users browse the Internet searching for required products and services before making a purchase decision. Not having a website designed and developed to be equally user-friendly on mobiles as well as desktops regardless of the size of the screen will result in lost business opportunities. Hence have a website that is responsive on all Internet enabled devices.


2. Not updating the website

–Your website is the face of your business and is the first point of contact between you and your customers. Hence it should always be updated with the latest offerings, news, product launches and any other thing that you would want the customer to know. Any good digital marketing effort centres on your website and an outdated site will make it much more difficult for the marketer to reach your target audience. Web design and development and its maintenance should therefore be entrusted to professional experts in this field.


3. Not Tracking The Results

– One of the primary advantages of a digital marketing campaign is its ability to precisely and accurately track customer behaviour which is the result of the campaign. There are effective analytics tools that offer information on visits to the website, from which corner of the globe, duration of stay on the website and pages browsed. Based on these variables you can get tangible and measurable reports that will help you plan out various strategies like social media marketing, email marketing and video marketing. It will also help you to make product modifications based on this feedback and optimise client experience with your products and services.


4. Ignoring Competitor Strategies

– In today’s fiercely competitive business scenario, you have to know what your competitors are doing. You need to know the strategies they are following if you want to succeed and stay ahead in the race. By following their plan but in your own distinct and unique way, you can be sure about the areas that need special focus. Taking digital marketing cues from them will only ensure the success of your own campaign.


5. Insufficient Stress On Content

– Content development is one of the crucial keys to a highly optimized online digital marketing campaign. It helps in brand positioning, customer acquisition and retention. Any digital marketing approach can be made more compelling simply by adding quality content with relevant keywords being used by existing and potential customers. Additionally, the content should have a message targeted at your selected audience.


6. Not Doing Enough Research

– Research for digital marketing campaigns can take various forms. You need to do market research for creating content strategy and keyword research to structure an SEO plan. Allotting time for adequate research will help you devise an online marketing campaign that will get you tangible and measurable results instead of simply driving in the dark and not knowing where your campaign is headed for.


7. Ignoring The Target Audience

– Any marketing campaigns is targeted at a specific audience and not doing so means that you do not know whom to approach to sell your products and services. Any good PPC ads or SEM or designing and developing ecommerce sites will depend largely on your target audience and this should be finalised in the first instance only. All other marketing components have to be woven around this finding only.


These are some of the mistakes that you should definitely avoid in 2018 while creating a highly optimised online digital marketing campaign.

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